ER nurse educator Tracy

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This one is just a journal for my practicum activities. I go to Mercy Medical Center once a week and I follow my preceptor around to observe what she is doing, then apply in later on. Below is the summary of the activities I observed this week.

Practicum 10/31 8-9 updating careplan for the labor and delivery unit 9-10 meeting on old policies that are still showing in the epic. They don’t want nurses to see the old policies so that they don’t reference to the old policies 10-11 meeting with Karen about the specimen collection. Karen audit the specimen collection data and the nursing informatics sends it out. The hospital had to switch from MobiLab specimen collection to the epic. Unfortunately, the epic system is very limited, and nurses now have to resort to 2 nurses sign off for specimens as labels no longer print at the patient bedside 11-12 IV therapy meeting how they document picc insertion. The staff is having issues with that as the flow sheet is not build in properly. IV therapy expressed their concerns about the fact that the Picc line insertion flowsheet was not allowing them to document patient consent to picc which is a must and the different areas where the picc line could be inserted as well as whether the picc is single, double or triple lumen. 12–1 Daylight saving meeting preparedness 1-2 careplan meeting on clinical practice guidelines (CPG) with the ER (in attendance the informatic nurse in charge of the ER. The ER nurse educator Tracy, and Nikki the clinical nurse informaticist and on the phone the Vendor for the careplan flowsheet 2-2:30 meeting to discuss care plan issues not being properly build in the epic EHR. In attendance is Vicky the Peri-Op nurse educator, Nikki and the L-severe vendor representative. 2:30 – 3 same meeting but with the inpatient side of the hospital. Roshell is the nurse informaticist responsible, Nikki and on the phone the represent

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