Describe Erickson’s theory. Include a description of each stage of development, and a description of a character that represents each stage of development.
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Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development

For Erik Erikson, there are 8 stages that a human being must go through in life. Successful navigation in each of these stages suggests that the person is developing in a healthy manner as its stage has its set of difficulties, problems and challenges that must be overcome so that the individual learns and develops in a manner that will prepare and befit the individual with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to face the next stage successfully. He proposed this as early as 1950 in his seminal work ‘Childhood & Society’. What are these 8 stages that impact personality and development? To illustrate them, I have presented a table below.

Hope Stage 1 – Basic Trust & Mistrust stage

Description: From 0-2 years, the most …

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