Establishing a Norm

OPTION #1: Establish a Norm. This choice would be done best by a group of people. Decide on a certain act or behavior that you would want to get others to mimic or copy. The typical example is to get people to look up, like there is something strange in the sky or on the roof of a building. In this example, several people (you and/or your helpers, at least a total of 3 people) would set the norm by all looking up at a spot in the sky or at the top of a building while one or more other people pass by. You would record the number of other people present and whether they also look up (and for how long), just pass on by, or even ask questions or make comments. In other words, you would need to make careful observations of how others react, and what percentage of the people are influenced by the norm. OPTION #2: Violate a Norm. Break a cultural norm and observe what happens. Your paper should describe what you did, what you felt before, during, and after you did it, and how other people reacted to you. Here are some suggestions:1.Cut into the middle of a line by yourself and stay in line for at least 2 minutes.2.Ask someone you don’t know for his/her seat in a public place (e.g., in the library) and stay in the seat for at least 2 minutes. 3.Surprise 3 of your same-sex friends with a kiss on the cheek.4.Applaud at the end of class after the professor is done lecturing. 5.Before one of your classes begins, go around the room and shake hands with at least 5 people, saying “Good Morning/Afternoon” to them and welcome them to class today. 6.Other norm violation ideas should be approved by the instructor PRIOR to doing them

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