Explore an ethical or social issue surrounding some aspect of information technology.

Ethical or social issue surrounding some aspect of information technology

ILR260 Library Research Report (‘LRR’)
Explore an ethical or social issue surrounding some aspect of information technology.
Deadline: Saturday. Submit your work through the “Library Research Report” submission link on Blackboard’s Week 2 page.
Length: Total 600–900 words; about 150 words each for 4–6 research sources.

Purpose/Goals of the Assignment
Firstly, Develop your ability to conduct scholarly research and relate the results of this research to a specific inquiry.
Secondly, Develop your ability to translate specialist information into non-specialist language.
Thirdly,Draft building blocks for the final report.
ADDITIONALLY, Practice APA citation and reference style.

Assignment Overview
Answering a research question involves seeking out and processing information that helps you answer that question. This is true whether you are researching insurance plans or conducting academic research. In developing the Library Research Report, you will seek out scholarly articles relevant to your research question, extracting ideas from them that you will later synthesize into a final report (i.e., the Week 4 version of your project) and an answer— however tentative—to your research question.

On its face, analyzing sources for the library research report may seem to resemble making what is sometimes called an “annotated bibliography.” Please note, however, that your goal in developing this report is not simply to summarize sources. As you analyze your sources, you will produce “building blocks” for Week 3’s rough draft of your Research Project. This means that you should include only content that directly answers your research question. Your writing should also be clear and accessible to non-specialist readers.

A carefully constructed Library Research Report will significantly lighten your workload when you reach Week 3, since you’ll be able to construct your draft from writing you’ve already completed rather than producing an entirely new document.

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