Ethics and Conflicts of Interest, W7 Ethics: Privacy & Confidentiality and W8 Policies


Writer: W7 Privacy and Confidentiality relates to 503 final class paper. It will help you to write that paper (I do have a draft of that topic). W6 & W7 Discussion Instructions Libraries are expected to safeguard the library users’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. Review your state’s privacy laws or any other state from the ALA Website. Consider the following: • Do you feel the law is adequate for that particular state? Why or why not? • Are any exceptions or exemptions set forth in law? If so, explain the exceptions or exemptions for that state. • After reviewing the state privacy laws, do you believe the rights should vary depending on a patron’s age or the type of library or any other factors? For example, consider patrons of a public library versus student patrons of an elementary school library. After posting your discussion answer, summarize the course readings in 2 brief posts. W8 Week 08 Assignment 01: Drafting a Library Policy Instructions (note this assignment will be single spaced) Scenario The city of Arrow was incorporated 5 years ago. Its population continues to grow as does its tourism businesses and tax revenues. Last year, the city council decided it was time to fund a public library. It will be a high-tech library with a computer lab, free Wi-Fi, and a large collection of electronic resources. It also will provide an auditorium, two conference rooms, and five study rooms available for the public to reserve. You’ve been hired as the director to prepare for next year’s opening. One of your many responsibilities is to draft the policies for the Arrow Public Library. The copyright and intellectual freedom policies already have been written and approved. The next two policies are conflicts of interest and privacy and confidentiality. Assignment Choose to draft either a policy to address conflicts of interest or a policy to protect privacy rights and confidentiality of library users. Review the assigned American Library Association (ALA) readings for this course and any additional ALA online resources. Search for and review sample policies that are freely available on library websites. A clear policy should include, at a minimum, the following: Title Date Introductory section (e.g., introduction, purpose, intent, goal) Definitions of key terms or phrases

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