EU law on the ‘Free Movement of Goods’


This is a coursework assessment for the module ‘European Union Law’. It is required to answer TWO of the 4 questions provided (1,500 words for each question answered). The writer can choose which two out of the 4 questions they would like to answer. I will upload the Assessment Guideline, which explains how sources should be structured, as well as including the following: 1. Sources/Reading List. 2. Recent Journal Articles. 3. Older Journal Articles. It is important that this coursework is written in a proper law manner. Additionally, correct referencing is also very important. For this module there is a choice of either using the Harvard format or the Oscola format. The latter shows references in footnotes which is the preferred system for referencing legal sources. I have also uploaded the ‘Handbook’, where you can view the aims, learning outcomes etc. for the module in general. Question 1 is relating to sex discrimination under EU law (Art 157 TFEU and Directive 2006/54). Question 2 and 4 is based around EU law on the ‘Free Movement of Goods’. Question 3 is a critical analysis in relation to the scope and operation of Article 101 TFEU. It is required to refer to case examples, and to evaluate how successful the relevant Articles have been, in relation to what each question is asking. I am happy to upload a copy of my previous coursework for this module in which I received a good mark (a 1,000 worded coursework on, ‘the law relating to the movement of persons within the EU and the extent to which these rules are established for those moving between EU member states’), if the writer would want to have a glimpse of my previous work and the style

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