Evaluate the strategy of MICS in different types of organisation

Management Information and Communication Systems

Word limit: 4500 words

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment.

On completion of the module students should be able to:

a) Understand the nature of MICS and how they improve management decision making
b) Evaluate the strategy of MICS in different types of organisation
c) Identify the factors leading to innovation in MIC systems and understanding the limits of application
d) Demonstrate how MIC systems are able to integrate the various management functions to enhance the overall performance of organizations.

Content, Style, relevance, originality

Must have a strong literature base which should be mainly drawn journals.

Some readable journals pitched at the business reader.

California Management Review
Harvard Business Review
Strategic Change
MIS Quarterly Executive

Some Journals pitched at the academic reader

Communications of the ACM
Communications of AIS
British Journal of management
International journal of electronic commerce
Journal of the academy of marketing science
Information systems journal
MIS quarterly
Strategic Management journal
Service Industries Journal


1) Report Format

2) Strict Harvard

3) Evidence of wide Reading

4) Separate list of reference and bibliography as per the college standard. Minimum 30.

Constructive Critical analysis, introduction, conclusion

Must not follow a descriptive approach, thither an analytical style should be followed. Must be clearly structured, with an introduction which offers a clear structure, a logical flow and a conclusion which briefly summarizes the key points covered.

Assessment Task

Critically discuss the reasons why organizations outsource IT and / or e-commerce and offer recommendations on the benefit of such an approach to your own organisation.

What are the crucial issues in managing the outsourced relationship’s?

Draw on relevant journals in the areas of information systems, e-commerce, procurement, economics and general business and management with developing your answer


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