Event design report

Paper details this assignment is about event design. basically you have to redo this assignment because I have got every low marks on this one. I will attach my assignment to you and there is my friend’s work to have a look as well. please make sure you rewrite all of the topic but DO NOT change the ideas of the report. There are comments from teacher so please follow the comment and last thing is I forgot to do social topic and references so please don’t forget to do that. This report is about SOS or Sense of sale, sense of style. it is a shopping event that combine online store into event. Please make sure that you include all of topic below 1.Background Event site context Linkage to the event site 2. Event name, date, duration, 3. Audience – Target Market 4. Theming concept 5. Social Media to be used 6. Site Layout and justification discussion 7. Program of activities, entertainment, including one aspect of the event site. 8. Addition items to be hired from a supplier – (Please use Harry the Hirer for all your requirements (https://www.harrythehirer.com.au/ ) 9. Catering – Food and Beverage to be provided to your attendees 10. Green Event Sustainability implemented at the Event site

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