Examining effective leadership skills for project management in the british construction industry


Students will give a presentation and a formal Viva Voce of their work. The student will present their findings and conclusions to the project supervisor(s) and where appropriate invited external supervisors. External Examiners may also be invited. The power point presentation will be assessed on evidence of thorough planning and design of work carried out: coordination of resources, enthusiasm and motivation for the work: extent of investigation and pursuit tenacity. Ability to argue issues relating to the methodology adopted and the analysis of the results as well as justification of the conclusions and recommendations made to the company or organisation as appropriate. When preparing for the presentation students must include the following as a focus for the presentation: i) Introduction to the project, aim, setting the scene and the methodologies being adopted. ii) Formulation of results obtained or the implementation of the chosen solution. iii) Analysis and verification of data and design process. iv) Outcome of the project and benefit(s). v) Student recommendation regarding implementation and possible further works. vi) Conformance of the project outcome with original aim(s) and objectives

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