The objective of this assignment is to analyze hospitality services by using the concepts of service quality and customer satisfaction as the framework. Part 3 – Attraction/gamingYou are required to describe your recent experience of visiting a hospitality business. Your write up may include but is not limited to: name of the business, location, time of visit, the business it provides, your experience of its service quality, employee behavior, and customer’s review on Facebook and other social media. Evaluation: Word limit of each part is 500 words.LINK TO ONLINE BOOK need part 3 – tourism, recreation, attractions, clubs and gamingWhen you write this project, please keep in mind that i am NY. This particular assignment asks for the recent experience hence, we need to write about usa. even you may use another state – for ex, vegas, it will be perfectly fine. because we can fly over the weekend, and come back.

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