Explain and analyze why you behaved in these ways during the conversation.

The Steps You Took To Complete The Nonverbal Listening

With this exercise, discussing the following points:

The steps you took to complete the Nonverbal Listening

Patterns exercise

What you learned about your own interpersonal communication behaviors or skills

The steps you can take to improve or maintain each behavior or skill

Write from your point of view using the pronoun I.

Use the past tense for your verbs since you’re reporting on

what has already occurred.

Your first paragraph should summarize information about the exercise—the identity of the two people (supervisor, friend, relative, etc.), how well you know each person, where the exercise took place, when it occurred, and how long it took to complete it. Also, give the main topic of each conversation

In your second paragraph, describe specific examples of your nonverbal listening behavior for posture, eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions with one of the people. (Be sure to indicate how comfortable you felt with that person.)

Explain and analyze why you behaved in these ways during the conversation. Was your behavior appropriate for that conversation given what you have learned about proper communication skills? Why or why not?

In your third paragraph, provide the same type of discussion but with the second person.

In your fourth paragraph, continue by discussing at least three non-verbal listening behaviors or skills that you discovered about yourself during these conversations. You may discuss your weak skills, your strong skills, or a combination of the two. Since this essay is a self-analysis of your skills, you will want to identify both your weak and your strong points.

With each skill you describe, also explain how you intend to improve the weaker skills and maintain the stronger skills that you identified in the previous paragraph. Exactly what can you do to make and keep your nonverbal listening behaviors effective? Also, discuss how you can determine your status and progress toward improvement.

In your final paragraph, discuss your reaction to the activity and analyze your non-verbal listening behaviors. Summarize the insights you have gained about your communication skills.

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