In this paper students are expected to explore a crime where they, a friend, or family member were victimized by a crime. Explain how rampant and why this particular crime exists in their community. Your paper introduction should be clear, concise, and provide an overview of the paper. One section of your paper should describe the criminal incident that was experienced by yourself, family member, or friend. In this section students should use a story, narrative format. In another section of the paper, students will provide a detailed review of the substantive issue using the literature. For example, if you are writing a paper about theft what does the recent literature tell us about theft in terms of who is involved, when are the crimes committed, etc. Or, you could use the existing literature to tell me theoretically how theft is explained by experts in the field. Somewhere in the paper you should also discuss how prevalent the crime is in the city, where the crime occurred, and compare it to national statistics. Then, in the last section of the paper students will use a theoretical perspective to help account for the criminal behavior discussed in the paper. In this section, students are expected to explain and apply the “Labeling Theory.”

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