Explain why you have chosen this costing method.

ANSWER and excel
6. Expected Costs vs benefits
This section discusses the potential cost of the project to the business and should include a detailed breakdown of the costs vs benefits pertaining to the project. Your estimate of different kinds of cost should be supported by some internet research, but the accuracy of your estimate is not critical for this assignment. For example when estimating software costs, it is rare that the cost of a software package is more than half the total software implementation cost, which includes the cost of adapting and integrating the package into the IT environment. Your costs can be set out in the form of a table to show total budgeted costs – you may use any suitable financial costing method.
6.1 Identify the costing method you have chosen
6.2 Explain why you have chosen this costing method.
6.3 Show the formula you have used to identify the costs.
6.4 In the form of a diagram show the workings out – all costs should be clearly labelled; you have to assume certain costs
6.5 Describe your findings to justify for or against the company adopting the project

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