Extraordinary Circumstances by Cynthia Cooper

Read; Cooper, C. (2009). Extraordinary circumstances: The journey of a corporate whistleblower. NY: Wiley. Prepare a 8-10 page double-spaced paper answering 10 questions provided in the content section of Regis Worldclass D2L, in APA format. 1.Identify the major players and describe the culture at WorldCom 2.Identify the ethical beaches that occurred and the regulations/laws that were broken 3.What were the root causes of the fraud? 4.How did Cooper figure out the scandal? 5.What did Cooper try to do to report the scandal? 6.Cooper was responsible for the internal audit department at WorldCom. What were the problems with the company’s governance structure that inhibited her from reporting the scandal? 7.If you found yourself in Cooper’s shoes, what would you have done differently? 8.Would using the AICPA’s Six Step Approach to Ethical Dilemmas been effective? 9.What were the punishments that the key players in the fraud received? 10.What happened to WorldCom? Where are “they” now?

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