Facility managment

Recreation Facility Research Project (250 points total) A. The Project – The goal of this project is to provide you the opportunity to study in depth a recreation facility of your choice. Select a recreation facility (for example you might be very interested in researching ice climbing towers, bowling centers or a summer camp) and complete an in depth (12 – 15 pages of written material) study of issues relating to the facility’s design, management, and operations. The following are just a few questions for through your paper should extend beyond these basics: 1. What relevant research exists supporting the need and potential success for this type of recreation facility? 2. What would be your selected facility’s staffing requirements? 3. What maintenance issues exist? 4. How might the facility be marketed creatively and successfully to capture a share of the market? 5. What will programs or activities the facility offer? 6. What design themes exist? 7. What does the facility look like from the inside and outside (perhaps include conceptual elevations and floorplans)? 8. How will the facility comply with various ADA requirements? 9. What will furniture fixtures and equipment be required to operate this facility? 10. What is the cost to construct and operate the selected recreation facility? B. Grading Criteria – Your facility research paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria: • Project packaging, layout, grammar & spelling • Inclusion of quality graphics • Depth, quality and relevance of information • Utilization of appropriate resources (be sure to include in the project!)

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