(1) Introduce the firm; (2) Analyze beta, cost of equity, cost of debt, capital structure, and WACC; (3) Interpret sales growth rate, and major ratios of operating variables to sales; (4) Discuss its net new financing each year and explain how you plan to finance it in your forecasting; (5) Justify this firm’s FCFs; (6) Show how to evaluate intrinsic equity value and stock price per share based on a certain FCF growth rate; (7) Scenario analysis based on different FCF growth rates; (8) Equity value estimations based on multiples; (9) Provide a short executive suggestion on how the firm can increase its equity value in the future, from improving its capital structure, dividend policy, governance, etc. Step (6)For this part, just show the results when using a particular average growth rate of FCF, for instance, g=5%, what are the results, including enterprise value, intrinsic value of stock, overvaluation or undervaluation, etc. Step (9) You can provide brief suggestions to maintain or change the current capital structure, payout policy or governance (such as board structure, CEO compensation plan, etc.).

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