For the Capstone Project, the students will use PowToon software and create a presentation based on their major in relationship to a disease/health…

For the Capstone Project, the students will use PowToon software and create a presentation based on their major in relationship to a disease/health condition.

For example:

  • MA students will pick a disease condition and create aPowTownin relationship to patient teaching. This animation would be a “commercial” which gets the patients attention and enhances learning.
  • Pharmacy students will pick a drug used to treat a disease/condition and make a “commercial” on the disease and how it is treated with X drug.
  • HIT students will make aPowToonfor other HIT professionals on how to code for a certain disease/condition and what ICD10 codes are needed to bill. Massage students will educate their patients through aPowToondesigned to highlight different massage therapy to treat disease and illness.
  • MOA/HSA majors will create a PowToonhighlighting their business side and have their “office” specialize in a diagnostic service used to treat a disorder/condition.
  • PHL majors will create a patient educationPowToonon a lab test which is used to identify a disease/condition, explain what it is seeking to find out, the normal and abnormal levels and preparation for the diagnostic test.

my major is pharmacy so you can choose any drug and talk about it 

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