FORENSIC FOLLIES: CASE #1023 A forensic chemist, Dr.

FORENSIC FOLLIES: CASE #1023A forensic chemist, Dr. Ima Mess, needs your help. She determined the percent composition of various samples taken from 8 persons under suspicion for attempted murder, one of whom was the intended victim. The doctor wrote up a detailed report to give to the district attorney. However, the dog ate her labreportthenightbeforeitwasdue! SheheardaboutthebraintrustresidinginRoom308ofThe Woodlands High School. So she faxed her initial results to me to enlist your assistance.Your job is to determine the empirical formulas for the substances described below, identify the compounds, identify each numbered suspect by name, and make your hypothesis on who the likely would-be-murderer is and who was most likely to be murdered.The District Attorney requires that you show all your calculations, clearly labeled on separate pagc(s). These should be stapled to the back of the report form and submitted by the due date.Good luck and happy sleuthing!

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