A description of the specialty guideline Knowledge of the Legal System and the Legal Rights of Individuals & Avoiding Harm describe a specific situation where it might apply and explain how. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your point. Explain why forensic psychology professionals might need specialty guidelines that are specific to their profession
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Hi and thank you for using customnursingassignments. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are asking for help in describing certain concepts from the Specialty Guidelines. I suggest using this simple outline:

  1. About the Legal knowledge – 100 words
  2. Right and harm – 100 words
  3. Situation and application in practice – 100 words

This outline should yield around 300 words which should cover what you need.

Topics in APA Ethics Guidelines

On Knowledge and Expertise

From “Competence, Section 2.04 – Forensic practitioners recognize the importance of obtaining a fundamental and reasonable level of knowledge and understanding of the legal and professional standards, laws, rules, and precedents that govern their participation in legal proceedings and that guide the impact of their services on service recipients. Forensic practitioners aspire to manage their professional conduct in a manner that does not threaten or impair the rights of affected individuals. They may consult with, and refer others to, legal counsel on matters of law. Although they do not provide formal legal advice or opinions, forensic practitioners may provide information about the legal process to others based on their knowledge and experience. They strive to distinguish this from legal opinions, …

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