Forensic Research in Patient Evaluation

Explain how a forensic psychology professional might apply the information in this research study to a clinical forensic setting, and in what circumstances, including but not limited to situations in which a forensic psychology professional must conduct an evaluation of a patient for his or her potential suicide risk and/or potential involuntary hospitalization.
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Forensic Psychology Application
Forensic psychology, simply put, is the application of psychological principles in the pursuit of justice, within a justice setting. Forensic Psychologists apply the principles of psychology – either as an experimental exploration or in an applied setting (in court, for the purposes of the justice system, in a penitentiary or for criminological application). For example, in Critical Police Psychology Practice, forensic psychologists apply their science for Fitness for Duty Evaluation of law enforcement and justice professionals. In court, they evaluate if the accused can stand trial or if a potential individual can be a witness, or if the statements presented are valid and drawn from actual experience. They also evaluate candidates for roles within the law enforcement and justice system as well as counsel individuals after deadly force incidents. They help victims of abuse, including children, in coping with the demands of court, especially in providing testimony, working with them to draw statements and ascertain their validity.

Social Control Theory
Lately, we have studied social control theory (SCT) which is a group of theories that attempt to explain family behavior. Its general view …

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