am doing a research study on whether Indian casino’s are contributing to gambling addiction in seniors. I am having a little trouble with research methods, and theories. I need to find the essential features of the methods proposed and potential implications or applications of research to professional practice. I would also appreciate some help in finding some good resources or prior studies to get information from.

I will also need online citations and references for any information given.
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This is an interesting research question that I think should best be studied through details, via the qualitative method. You could always go for the quantitative route but this means you need to have lots of data numeric and statistical in nature which would require quite a bit of time in terms of doing fieldwork and statistical analysis. I believe that by following either ethnography or a multi-case analysis, certain patterns can emerge. Now, as for the other aspects of your research, I have a few suggestions – I have put them together below in the discussion which you can use to inform your research proposal. I suggest this simple outline:

  1. Proposed research, rationale, hypothesis, research questions – 150 words
  2. Background on topic – 100 words
  3. Theoretical foundations, method of study, features of research design – 150 words
  4. Potential Implications/application – 100 words

This outline should yield around 500 words which I think should be enough at this stage of your research. You can use the listed resources to further explore your topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.

Proposed Research

The marketing features for gambling in casinos, particularly Indian casinos, appear to feature enticements to capture the attention of the elder members of society – they get to travel in groups, get picked up from their homes or communities and everything is provided for – food, accommodation and entertainment suited for their tastes. It is a weekend retreat that either promises fun or riches as is the case Foxwoods Casino (Sokolove, 2012) in Connecticut. But according to Mann (2001), while most seniors gamble safely (slot machines being the favourite), a certain percentage develop gambling problems. Therefore, the more number of seniors gamble, the likelihood is that more will …

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