Identify the steps or levels on the cultural competence continuum. Provide two specific ideas a sports psychology professional can do to move up to a higher cultural level competence.
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As you read the paragraphs below, reflect back on the table of cultural competency continuum levels to consider how the ideas in the discussion might affect a sports psychology professional in each of the levels. By doing so, you will easily discover more than two specific ideas that a sports psychology professional can apply in order to move up to a higher cultural level competence. All sources that I used are listed after my discussion for your reference.

According to Cross, Bazron, Dennis, and Isaacs (1992), cultural competency develops in stages along a continuum. The levels are as follows:

1) Cultural Destructiveness

  • Purposefully destructs culture
  • Dehumanizes or sub-humanizes minority clients
    2) Cultural Incapacity
  • Holds paternal posture toward “lesser” races
  • Believes in the supremacy of the dominant culture
    3) Cultural Blindness
  • Holds philosophy of being unbiased
  • Believes that helping approaches traditionally used by the dominant culture are universally applicable
  • Behaviors reflect a well-intended liberal philosophy
  • Ignores cultural strengths, encourages assimilation, and blames the victim for their problems
  • Views differences from the cultural deprivation model which asserts that problems are the result of inadequate cultural resources
    4) Cultural Precompetence
  • Realizes own weakness in serving minorities and attempts to improve some aspect of service
  • Desires to deliver quality services by asking “What can we do?”
  • Has begun …

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