Global Health – Increasing Health Literacy in India 

A few weeks ago, you helped me with Part 1 of my paper for this topic which was the Abstract and Introduction, which by the way the professor gave me a really good grade. I am working with one other person on this project and in Part 2 of the project my responsibility is #2-5, see below. 1. Literature Review – Peer-Reviewed Article on a Proven Program the was successful in increasing health literacy. 2. Proposed programming (SMART Objective: To increase health literacy by 60-80% by Dec. 2022 through health education and health promotion. 3. Expected Outcomes 4. Recommendations 5. Conclusion I am going to attach the following for your reference: 1. Professor’s instructions (must be followed to the letter and please note that the plagiarism software the college uses is SafeAssign, which is very rigorous. 2. Copy of SAMPLE Paper from the Professor to use as a guide 3. The article that my classmate will be doing the literature review on 4. Toolkits from the World Health Organization to use as a reference for the proposed program, expected outcomes, recommendations, and conclusion. 5. Abstract & Intro from Part 1. 6. Recommendations & Conclusion from Part 1 – we were not supposed to submit this in part 1, but my classmate insisted. The professor noted in her comments that we were not supposed to submit. Not sure if maybe this could give you some ideas as well. For our program, I really love the toolkit idea from the WHO. A similar type of program in India, I feel, would be very successful in accomplishing the needs of increasing health literacy and health promotion. PLEASE NOTE: One tool-kit is 146 pages and the other is 39 pages. Just wanted to let you know. Basically, the goal is to cite a Peer-Reviewed article of a global proven program that was successful in increasing health literacy, then establish our own program that will be tailored to the need of increasing health literacy and health promotion in India. The Smart objectives also have to be incorporated.

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