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In addition to the draft strategic plan, students are required to submit a 10-page maximum paper discussing their strategic plan. It must contain, at a minimum, the following topic areas:

  • Discuss the original strategy, the plan and original financial targets
  • Identify issues related to the original strategy and underlying assumptions
    • Stakeholders
    • Key Assumptions
    • Strategy with Potential / Desired Outcomes
  • What occurred in subsequent decision rounds – did you have to modify your approach or assumptions and why/why not?
  • Financial Debriefing – did you achieve your financial goals and why/why not?

No PLAGIARISM. APA format, Arial 12 and please cite all references. I have to upload the documents in multiple batches. I have also upload the 3 year strategic plan draft that is a part of the debrief. Please make the corrections that the professor made to the draft 3 yr strategic plan which is the first part of the 10 page paper.

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