Great Start Nutrition Business Analysis

 Purpose In this project, you will complete an external and internal analysis for Great Start Nutrition and the industry in which it operates. You will research the infant formula industry and use the Company Profile as one resource to complete the project. Skill Building: You are also completing this project to help develop critical thinking and assessing the external and internal business environment. Skills: Research, Critical Thinking, Writing Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment: employ effective planning processes to develop strategies, goals, and objectives in order to enhance performance and sustainability Business Plan: The team lead for Mayberry Consultants has been asked by Warren Pfife to put together, and present in a report format to him, a business strategy that will be a guide for the next year as the new division moves forward. Mayberry Consultants will be working over the next 5 weeks and will be delivering this comprehensive business plan. The final plan will be laid out as outlined below and developed in two phases. In the first phase (this project), Section II, Section III and Section IV will be completed. Section II – Environmental Analysis Section III – Goals and Objectives Section IV – Competitive Analysis The business plan will provide the organization an opportunity to explain the goals and objectives of the new division and help with the development of the strategy to achieve them. The analysis will allow the company to gain insight into the current status of the industry it is venturing into using internal and external analysis tools, and then use this analysis to design its division’s business environment. In addition, the plan will be used to form the team that will bring the vision for this division to reality. This week, the group from Mayberry Consultants has been tasked with conducting an internal and external analysis of the infant food industry, assessing Great Start Nutrition’s future within in the industry and developing the business strategy for Great Start Nutrition as they move forward. You will need the Great Start Nutrition Company Profile to complete the analysis.

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