The following is a hypothetical scenario of a couple seeking counseling to help arbitrate a dispute they are having regarding their dead child’s room and possessions. The couple has come to you as their counselor. You hope to help them resolve this problem and to get in touch with underlying fears and feelings engendered by this situation.

Let us assume now that one is to undertake the role of counselor who will be working with the clients described in the case above, could

Why would one diagnose this as a complicated grief case?

What counseling strategies would one use in trying to help this couple?”
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There are some compelling reasons to diagnose this case as one of complicated grief. The mother is demonstrating a hard time coping with the loss of her son, and with two-years in the making, she has not taken, what would be considered, normative measures towards moving forward and having come to terms with her loss. There are signs of fear, regret and obsessive compulsions on the part of the mother with how the room is being kept just as it was when her son was alive. This level of focus and excessive preoccupation with not only the loss but a sense of maintaining the same environment are signs of complicated grief.

Furthermore, this case of …

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