Out of all the theories in social work (Field Theory in social work, The Social Exchange Theory in social work, The Learning Theory in social work, The Psychoanalytic Theory in social work, The Systems Theory in social work, The Empowerment Theory in social work, and The Feminist Theory in social work)…

How does the Systems Theory in Social Work help one to understand best how groups function?

In 250 – 300 words, discuss your rationale for this theory and the concepts of the theory that make it seem most relevant to your understanding.

Support your comments with a minimum of one reference from scholarly sources as well as one example of the System Theory in social work. Cite your source using APA format.
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The systems theory of social work helps one to understand best how groups function, due to the fact that the systems theory provides deep insight into the interaction between individuals and society, and how this interaction affects those individuals psychologically and in other ways. In addition, this theory helps one to understand how the systematic methodologies by which societies function can affect different individuals in …

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