gt;3 it ‘9’ %:1143% In 7:23 pm MONASH . University @[email protected] Calculate the settling velocity of a spherical particle under the following conditions (at…

could you please show me how to get to the correct answer 0.101 for this question ?

>3 it ’9‘ %:+…1143% In 7:23 pm MONASH. University @
[email protected]®® Calculate the settling velocity of aspherical particle under the followingconditions (at 25°C): particle density = 2.18 g/cm3, waterdensity = 1.00 g/cm3, particle diameter =37.3 um. Assume the kinematic viscosityis 0.89 x 10’6 m2/s and the force of gravityis 9.81 m/sZ. Give your answer in cm/s and expressyour answer in the format #.##E-# where# represnts a digit in the range 0-9. Answer:

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