Critical Response Paper #4 You will read the book ” Thurman, Wallace. Blacker the Barry ” The book is provided for you at Critical responses must identify the main points of the article. In addition, students must analyze each central point by developing their own thesis and constructing their own claims regarding each main point. An outline is provided below as a guideline. o Introduction 1. Introduce the topic 2. Identify the main points of the article 3. Develop your Thesis/Focus or Central Argument (Last the sentence in the first paragraph) o Body Paragraphs 1. Introduce major claims that support your thesis or central argument 2. Provide examples/illustrations that support your claim 3. Discuss the implications of your claim o Conclusion 1. Summarize your major claims 2. Draw your final Conclusions o Review 1. Review your paper and verify that your central analysis answers the following question: a. How does this impact the African American economic plight?

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