1. Has globalization led to the emergence of a common global culture? Why or why not? 2. Critically analyze the political economy of one of the world’s largest IT/Media companies (e.g. Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, etc). With regards to their involvement with media, what would you regulate and why? Your response should be about 500 words per question, Assessment Criteria: ● Demonstrate a deep understanding of the core arguments and concepts from one of the topics from Weeks 1-3. ● Demonstrate an ability to apply academic theory and concepts in the critical analysis of global media. ● Be able to express your ideas clearly in writing in a manner that engages the reader. ● Be able to reference your ideas using the Harvard in-text referencing style. Student Learning Outcomes Assessed 1. Identify and apply key concepts and theories which explain the relationship between media and globalisation 2. Appreciate diversity among and within cultures, while recognising the role global media plays in fostering new patterns of culture and identification, which are no longer solely based on geography. 3. Discuss the balance between the ‘global’ and the ‘local’ in different forms of media in relation to the context of their production and distribution. 4. Identify key trends and patterns in the flow of audio-visual goods and services and evaluate the impact of attempts to regulate them. Submission of Assessment Tasks All written assignments need to be submitted to Turnitin on the course Moodle site. You must submit written work in 12-point font, double spaced and paginated. Do keep an electronic and hard copy for yourself. If you have any problems submitting via Turnitin, send your Convener a word doc or pdf version of your assignment immediately together with an explanation of the problem you are encountering. 

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