The Ethics Code has two specific definitions for HIPAA Laws as they pertain to a practice in the field and doing research. Many agencies have their own HIPAA policies and consent form for clients to sign. Today we are using more electronic records in practice and research. Electronic records include sending a complete file, emails between professionals, and all consent forms. Take a position on the use of electronic records and support your position with documentation from the text and outside sources. Evaluate the difference between client disclosure of records and the disclosure of records by the law. Support your work with in-text citations.
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In regards to client disclosure of medical records a patient is granted six federal rights that allow them to be informed about their PHI and how to control access and disclosure.

  1. Right to Notice of Privacy Practices will be provided in plain language that is given to the patient
  2. Right to request restrictions on Certain uses and disclosures of their PHI which can be done asking the …

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