Historical Nurse Leaders

 Objective Explain the influence of historical nurse leaders on nursing development assignment (customnursingassignments.com) Overview In this assignment (customnursingassignments.com), you will develop an audio-visual presentation describing a historical nurse leader. You can access the grading rubric for this assignment (customnursingassignments.com) here: Presentation Rubric (Links to an external site.). Deliverables A 10-slide presentation Step 1 Choose a historical nurse leader. Research and select a historical nurse leader who interests you. You may use a nurse presented in this lesson or from another source. Step 2 Create a slide presentation. Create a 10-slide presentation with approximately six bullet points per slide. The slides should contain the following information: Identification of the nurse leader you chose A description of the nurse leader Why you chose this person for your project A brief description of the historical time period The achievements of the nurse A description of how this nurse affected the nursing profession Citations for any sources used in the format requested by your instructor Step 3 Narrate your presentation. Once you have created your slides, write a script to narrate the presentation. Your narration should supplement the information on the slides. It should not be a copy of what is presented. In other words, do not read directly from your slides. Add your narration script to the notes section of each slide. Record a narrative to accompany each slide.

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