HLTDEN008 Prepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image. Please read through the following case study.  Reflect on your learning and your own research within this unit.

HLTDEN008 Prepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image

Case Study
Please read through the following case study.  Reflect on your learning and your own research within this unit.
Prepare a response that responds to each of the issues presented below.  Your responses must reflect your knowledge, skills, and application for this unit.


Mrs Fraser is bringing her 10-year-old son Matthew in for an appointment.  Matthew has had a fall in the school playground, and his front teeth are ‘a bit loose’.  Matthew has been a regular patient for seven years, has had X-rays previously in relation to his eruption pattern, and currently wears an orthodontic appliance.  Previous treatment for Matthew has been a bit awkward due to his large tongue.
Upon examination, it is determined that Matthew requires X-rays to consider potential damage caused by the fall.  Your dental surgery uses digital radiography processes.

Explain your process for ensuring that all relevant information is considered in preparation of Matthew’s X-rays.  Do you have sufficient information from the operator’s request and, if not, how do you obtain additional information?  Are Matthew’s previous X-rays considered and, if so, why is it important to clarify their technical quality?  Your response should also include how Matthew is able to comply with instructions and how you may need to review modifications to standard procedure. (Min 1000 words)

Quality outcomes

Ensure the following for your submission:
i)       It is grammatically correct.
ii)      It is error-free.
iii)     It is written in simple English.
iv)     It comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence.
v)      There are separate paragraphs for each new content/topic or discussions.  Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.
Attach any models, tools, or resources that could be used in an organisation to improve the case study situations presented.
Tip: Read all text aloud in order to identify any gaps and correct them.  Ask another person to proof read your work in order to check for accuracy before you submit.

Writing strategies and actions for future improvements
A case study is designed for you to demonstrate your skills in reading, accurately interpreting and providing workable responses and strategies.

Check that your responses provide:
1.      Identification and clarification of the key issues.  Also, Discuss and provide some suggestions as to what has caused these.
2.      Key facts and information that is relevant and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions.
3.      Templates and resources that could assist managers in the future when managing their teams.
4.      Recommendations, both short term and long term, to improve the current situation.
Also ensure the appropriate use of headings and formats so as to reflect a professional presentation.


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