This is a paper that is focusing on the holistic digital marketing plan for optimizing the High note. The paper also provides additional instruction on how to write the assignment paper.

Holistic digital marketing plan for optimizing the High note

This assignment requires you to create a holistic digital marketing plan aimed at optimizing the High Note, Inc. marketing campaign by applying everything you have learned over the duration of this program. Because you are strategizing ways to increase the number of High Note’s paying subscribers, you will need to create a digital marketing strategy targeted at freemium communities.

Your goal is to make a series of recommendations to the High Note Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) that detail how you think they should devise their marketing strategy to this end. The most important part of this assignment is that your recommendations are supported by evidence. This evidence should come from the analysis that you have done in previous modules of the company, as well as any evidence from publicly available data that you want to collect about online music streaming, freemium models, and the various digital marketing strategies available for implementation (i.e., strategies learned about in Module 1, for example, search, display, mobile, and social network marketing). Furthermore, you may use the feedback you have received in previous modules, where available, to refine your answers here.

Holistic digital marketing plan for optimizing the High note

The final report should be 6–8 pages in length and should consist of the following:
●      An executive summary: This details the recommendations that you are making and includes a high-level justification for those recommendations. (Max. 2 pages)
●      An appendix: This shows your work from previous modules and justifies the recommendations made in the executive summary with evidence. (4–6 pages)

Justifications might include the following:
Regression analysis and predictive models of premium subscription behavior built using the consumer data, for example,

a) demographic, b) behavioral, and c) social network characteristics of users
Reports of high-level summaries of the means and standard deviations in the data (available to you in Module 4)
Correlation analysis linking a) demographic, b) behavioral, and c) social network characteristics of users’ to premium subscription behavior
Evidence from statistics about various digital marketing strategies learned about in Module 1 (mentioned above)

Use the template on Pages 6–8 of this document to complete the executive summary.
You do not need to follow a template for the appendix. However, make sure that the documents are presented in a neat and logical order.

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