Homeless College Students

As a health care manager, you have become aware of an increasing problem among college students: homelessness. As a result, you have decided to comprehensively deal with the issue and have developed a program that will meet their needs. Please Skim the NCHE document and view the websites. NCHE: NCHE_Conducting.Educational.Needs.Assessments-1Preview the document Hardy, Beth. (2010, April). Educating HomelessChildren and Youth: Conducting Needs Assessments and Evaluating Services. (You may skim this, it is 64 pages) UCF Homelessness: (Links to an external site.) Frick, Susan. (n.d.) Invisible Struggles. Retrieved from https://www.ucf.edu/pegasus/invisible-struggles/. UNF Homelessness (Links to an external site.): Thomas, Rhena (2015, April 10). The Homeless of Higher Ed: Students with greatest need can be hard to identify in College. Retrieved from https://www.jacksonville.com/article/20150410/NEWS/801242898 Unstable Housing. Retrieved from https://www.unf.edu/deanofstudents/Unstable_Housing_Resources.aspx FSU Homelessness (Links to an external site.): Wirsansky, Danielle. (2016, Feb 27). 6 Resources for Homeless College Students. Retrieved from https://fsu.uloop.com/news/view.php/192135/6-Resources-For-Homeless-College-Students- In your postings, please discuss the health care needs of the homeless college students. In your replies, please respond to another posting about ways to evaluate the programs’ ability to meet the need (in that particular posting).

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