What hospitality business would you like to own/operate in the future? Start your big dream now. For this assignment, think about the hospitality businesses that you would like to own or operate in 10 years. A write #730 has done one portfolio – Hotel/Lodging. Now Portfolio #3 – Amusement/Theme Park or private club For this business, you should write an essay no more than 800 words including, the concept, locations, the setup, competitors, the target customers, special features, etc. You should include at least three pictures of similar businesses to demonstrate your concept and idea. You should reference the sources of the pictures used. You may use your experience as described in the Experiencing Hospitality paper as the base and see how you can improve the business or service. Be creative!!! Evaluation: Word limit of each part is 800 words. Your write up should reflect related information in the textbook and demonstrate web research. HERE IS THE LINK TO ONLINE BOOK https://www.scribd.com/document/364029022/Introduction-to-Hospitality You need part 3 – tourism, recreation, attractions, clubs and gaming You may choose any country for this project

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