How did Americans react to these changes?

This essay is about the time period NOT the documents themselves. I Do NOT want you simply to answer the questions and summarize the documents. The documents are only there for you to justify your point. You should be primarily focused on being ANALYTICAL and taking it a step further than what the question is asking you. You will answer the questions before writing to assist you in crafting a relevant thesis statement. I cannot stress enough the analytical part of this essay. Anyone can read a document and summarize it. I do not want you to summarize what you read, instead analyze what you read and tie that into answering the question into a well thought out analytical thesis. Analyzing takes critical thinking which is what you need to do in order to write a good paper. Once again, BE ANALYTICAL.

World War II
While many Americans were off fighting the war overseas, there was another battle being fought on the home front by Americans who were adjusting to many new social and cultural changes. Briefly define what some of these changes were and analyze them. How did Americans react to these changes? In what ways does fear play a role in shaping our domestic policies during times of war? Was the U.S. justified in their response? Be analytical in your responses

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