How do the men stereotype the women in the TRIFLES play?

TRIFLES 1. The men in the play are able to determine the means and opportunity for the murder but are unable to determine the motive. Without all three, they cannot convict Mrs. Wright. The women in the play, however, are able to discern Mrs. Wright’s motive. What was her motive, and how were the women able to deduce it (consider especially the canary, the sticky shelf, the broken stitches in her knitting, the littered kitchen and the canary cage)? 2. How do the men stereotype the women in the play? Given the time in which this play was written and produced, what point do you think the author is making about the roles of men and women during that era? OVERVIEW Now reflect on our semester together and answer to the best of your ability the following questions you may pull from your discussion responses if relevant): So what? That is, what does it matter that we have read and discussed a large quantity of poetry, many pieces of short fiction, and two pieces of drama? From what we have learned and discussed, from what you have discovered over the past fifteen weeks, what recommendations could you make to your fellow students who might wish to carry their experience to another, higher level of understanding?

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