How do you respond to the Notice of Charge?

You are the Director of Personnel for a company that has 200 employees. The company is located on 3 floors of a building in a suburban office park.

Lennie is in charge of the Photocopying/Reproduction Department. His Department is located in the rear of the first floor of the building.

He comes to your office and informs you that his therapist has diagnosed him as suffering from General Anxiety, NOS and has tried various protocols, including yoga, breathing exercises and medication, to help him with the condition, which happens when he is under some form of stress. The therapist has now determined that the best way for him to deal with the problem and to reduce his stress therapeutically is through a service animal. Lennie has a miniature dachshund, Poochie Pie. The therapists in sessions where both Lennie and Poochie Pier are present, has ascertained that Lennie’s anxiety level decreases dramatically when Lennie pets Poochie Pie. As a result, he has prescribed that Lennie use Poochie Pie as the best means, under ADA, to control his stress related anxiety. Lennie tells you that he wants to bring Poochie Pie to work, keep him in his cage, walk him when needed and only take him out of his cage and pet him, when Lennie is having an anxiety attack.

While you are considering Lennie’s request, Dolores, who works on the top floor of the building as an ad min, comes to you. She informs you that she has heard through the grape vine that Lennie is bringing Poochie Pie to work. She also says that she is highly allergic to dogs, especially since she was bitten by a dog as a child.

You also learn from your assistant that Dolores, who is her Face Book Friend, has been posting nasty comments about Lennie on her personal Face Book page and is saying that, if the company allows Poochie Pie into the building, he will truly become a Wiener Dog.

How do you handle all of these situations?

Please use formal academic and/or professional support to sustain your analysis.

Dispute Resolution
Go back to one of the discussion questions from Weeks One, Two and/or Three.

Pick one of them and explain how some form of internal and/or external alternate dispute resolution might have either prevented the problem or solved the proble.

Look at a problem in your own work place, how was the problem solved? By doing nothing? By Alternate Dispute Resoluton> By Litigation?

Which one best?

Please use specific formal academic and/or professional support to explain your resposne?


Recall our discussion concerning the restaurant from last week.

Assume one month after you are confronted with, the company receives a Notice of Charge from the EEOC. It asserts that the company has allowed sexual harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation.

The owner, now quite shocked as she has been a “feminist for many years”, asks you to investigate and prepare a response to the EEOC claims. She “knows” that the terminated employee is the one who contracted the EEOC.

How do you respond to the Notice of Charge?

What position would you have the company take in that regare?

Would you urge settlement or litigation?

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