How does consalvo explain the relationship between Johan Huizinga’s concept of the ‘magic circle’ and cheating?

A. Gordon Calleja, “Immersion” and “From Immersion to Incorporation”

The Last of Us

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

  1. In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or in the opening sequence of The Last of Us, what game mechanics or elements increase the player’s sense of Presence, Transparency or Immersion?
  2. In the same game examples, what mechanics or elements interrupt the player’s sense of Presence / Transparency / Immersion, activating our “awareness of the game world”?
  3. What is one of the “four key challenges to gaining a clear understanding of immersion,” and how does Calleja’s concept of “incorporation” overcome this challenge?
  4. Explain how both The Last of Us and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood illustrate one of the six dimensions of involvement the contribute to Calleja’s concept of incorporation:
    1. kinesthetic involvement
    2. spatial involvement
    3. shared involvement
    4. narrative involvement
    5. affective involvement
    6. ludic involvement



B. Henry Jenkins, “Introduction: ‘Worship at the Altar of Convergence’” (2006)

      Minecraft (2011)

  1. How does Jenkins define convergence, and how does it differ from the replacement or absorption of old media by new media?
  2. Jenkins distinguishes between media and delivery technologies. What old media are incorporated into the new medium of the video game?
  3. Describe examples of both corporate convergence and grassroots convergence related to video games.
  4. In what ways is Minecraft an example of convergence? Use Jenkins’ Introduction to contextualize your answer.



C. Mia Consalvo, “Gaining Advantage” and “The Cheaters” (2007)

  1. How does consalvo explain the relationship between Johan Huizinga’s concept of the ‘magic circle’ and cheating?
  2. How do players define what is (not) acceptable behavior?
  3. What is one reason players cheat? Give an example that corresponds to one of the motivations Consalvo describes. (Link to video for bonus score!)



D. Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux, Chapter One: About, Within, Around, Without:

A Survey of Six Metagames” (2017)

      Triforce (2017)

According to Boluk and Lemieux, what is a metagame, and what are examples of metagames?

What techniques do players use to make their own games with(in) existing games? How do these techniques impact, change or build on the meaning of the original game?

According to Boluk and Lemieux, what are some of the ways that “metagame” elements such as speed running, eSports and user-produced content are impacting contemporary gaming culture?

How does Triforce impact, change or build on the meaning and content of The Legend of Zelda? Use Boluk and Lemieux’s chapter to contextualize your answer.

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