How does research advance education?

In your Accountability in Educational Research Paper please include the following:

A summary of the pertinent information discussed in the four articles, how it relates to each other, and how it’s different. What did you learn from reading these articles and how does it apply to accountability in education? (CACREP SC I1)

What is the significance of research in education? (CACREP IIG 8 a)

How does research advance education? (CACREP IIG 8a)

What are problems, issues, and/or limitations related to research in education? (CACREP SC I1)

How can research findings inform change, provide accountability, and produce evidence-based practice in education? (CACREP IIG 8e, SC I5)

The 4 articles are

Litchka, P. R. (2007). No leader left behind: Planning to prepare effective educational leaders in this era of accountability. Educational Planning, 16(2), 44-52.

Lund, J., & Shanklin, J. (2011). The impact of accountability on student performance in a secondary physical education badminton unit. Physical Educator, 68(4), 210- 220.

Uellendahl, G., Stephens, D., Buono, L., & Lewis, R. (2009). Support personnel accountability report card (SPARC): A measure to support school counselor accountability efforts. Journal of School Counseling, 7, 1-31.

Winch, C. (2001). Accountability and relevance in educational research. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 35(3), 443-459.

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