How ethical behavior impacts business decisions by corporations

For this project you will be completing a 4-5 page paper that will focus on the topic of business ethics. The paper needs to be prepared in a way that is organized, free from grammatical and punctuation errors and is college-level. You should use a clear font that is highly readable with a font no larger than 12 and no smaller than 10. Your paper should be double spaced and include a title page and a Works Cited page (these two pages do not count towards the 4-5 required pages). You also need to use in-text citations throughout your paper giving credit to your sources for thoughts other than your own. Your paper needs to adhere to college wide policies on academic integrity so be very careful not to plagiarize and to give credit to your sources when necessary. The paper is worth 150 points and must be submitted through the Blackboard assignment ( link. In the paper you will compare and contrast the differences between corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior by a corporation. In the paper you will need to consider and incorporate your thoughts about the following (I suggest you include a separate heading for each of these sections in your paper): • How ethical behavior impacts business decisions by corporations • Why organizations today need to demonstrate social responsibility to be considered ethical • Describe some of the ethical issues faced by organizations • Describe the process organizations use to establish a code of ethics to encourage ethical behavior • Discuss ways in which a corporation’s stakeholders influence its policies on social responsibility Once you have discussed all of the above in your paper, research and include discussion of a recent ethical violation by a corporation. Your paper should describe what happened, how it happened and what the result of the ethical violation was for the corporation and the people involved. Also describe the effect on stakeholders. A rubric is available for the assignment (

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