How has social media changed rules for politeness?

The paper should be 8 pages double space. You should use 12 point Times New Roman or Arial, not Courier or one of those fonts with ridiculous character spacing. The structure of the paper should be something like the following: 1) Introduction: Begin by telling me about your idea. What do you propose to do, why do you find that interesting? You should, at some point in this section, propose a question or two that you want to answer. Like, “How has social media changed rules for politeness?” 2) Literature Review: Then tell me about two theories/concepts from the readings we covered this semester that you plan to use to analyze the data you gather. Tell me what you think the theory says, and why it has some bearing on your idea. For instance, “I’m going to use the concept of ‘face’ from Goffman and ‘Politeness’ from Brown & Levinson in my analysis of…” 3) Methodology: Next you should describe, with quite a lot of detail, how you executed the research. Where did you go, who did you watch or talk to, what did they say, what was said immediately before that, and what was the effect of the speech? If you don’t include this I can’t get a sense of how your conclusions make sense given what you’ve seen. I need you to put me where you were so I can see it the way you did. One way to organize reporting your observations, and also to potentially weave this together with your analysis, is to use the SPEAKING model we reviewed in class. See the last page of this document. 4) Analysis: where you analyze the data you collected. This is where you tell me what people said in those interviews, what you saw when you did your observations and what you think that means given the research question you are investigating. Answer the question “how does what you found help you answer the research question you posed?” Do NOT simply report your conclusion, rather, walk me through the steps you took to get to your conclusion. Since I was not there doing the analysis with you, you need to clearly show your thinking process that leads to your conclusion. (3 pages). 5) Discussion: Finally, you should tell me what new knowledge you have contributed through your research. Do your conclusions agree with the theory you’ve applied in your analysis? Does the theory fail to make sense in the real world with real data?

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