How it is positioned in that market

For a brand of your choice but not Coca-Cola, Nissan Leaf, Red Bull or any coffee shops you are to give a ten minute presentation describing

  • The customer needs the product/service meets
  • How it is differentiated from its competitors
  • The market segments it targets
  • How it is positioned in that market
  • The main factors in the environment that are likely to impact on the brand.
  • Outline how they might alter their marketing mix to cope with the factors discussed above


Presentation Date

The presentation should be of 10 minutes length.



  • No more than TEN power point slides, you will be marked down if vou use more
  • Focus on ONE market only, making it clear which market you are talking about (e.g. McDonalds operates in many different markets throughout the world, choose one)
  • Make full use of support material
  • Proof read your work (spell check AND read it!)
  • Clearly identify the sources of information you use
  • Reference it carefully using both in text citations and a list of references at the end
  • Read the marking scheme overleaf carefully


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