How the meaning of these myths has changed over time.

According to Joseph Campbell, myths serve four functions in the world, in your essay, you must do the following, 1. identify what those four functions are as Campbell has defined them 2. Choose two of the below assigned texts that look at contemporary myths. 3. using those texts, make argument for How the myths discussed in those texts serve as ONE of the four functions of myths, as defined by Campbell, Also discuss How the meaning of these myths has changed over time. For example, did the myth of vampires once serve one function 200 years ago, but now they serve a different function? To present and support your argument with data, you must find and use a quote from Joseph campbell, and use Two of the assigned texts listed below: Screening the Homeland. -superheroes are Bunch of Fascists by Richard Cooper – Are Superheroes Fascisct? by Devin Faraci -Why Vampires Never Die by Del Toro and Hogan -My Zombie, My Self by Chuck Klosterman – It Is Easier To Imagine the Zombie Apocalypse Than by Zara Zimbido YOUR ESSAY SHOULD BE 4 TO 5 PAGES IN LENGTH, MEANING You wILL HAND iN 5 PHYsCAL PAGUs OF WRITING, NO LESS. 6 pages, including the works cited page.

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