How the War Machine Grew and Shaped Roman Civilization

Your analysis paper will analyze how the war machine grew and shaped Roman civilization. You will support that analysis with the inclusion of primary and secondary sources from these time periods that offer evidence about the past. This paper is not an opinion paper and should not contain your opinion on the events. They should contain your analysis of the topic using a variety of sources to provide appropriate perspective on the context of that topic as well as the objectivity of your analysis. Your paper will also include a works cited section with a mix of at least three primary and secondary sources. Remember that your sources can be primary sources such as an archeological artifact, a piece of literature, or original writing, as well as secondary resources about the event. Be sure to read the specific source closely. Read it a first time, then a second, and even a third if necessary. As you review the source, ask yourself questions: •Who is the author and what is his or her place in society? •What is the purpose of the piece? Why was it written? •What values or ideas are behind the content in the source? How are they different from my own? •Is the piece credible? Why or why not? •Can the piece be used to support a historical debate? Why or why not? While your analysis will not directly answer all these questions separately, the picture that is painted by your answers to these questions is essential in constructing and supporting your analysis. You will use the primary and secondary sources to support your paper, but the analysis should be your own and not reflect others’ interpretations of the source. You should use a mix of primary and secondary sources to ensure that you are able to effectively support your interpretation of this topic and its impact on the civilization

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