How to overcome insomnia

The paper should be 550 words long,its a process analysis essay 3 body paragraphs u should include the following Medical Causes of Insomnia Intro Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Low back pain.too much pain that wil make very hard to sleep Nasal/sinus allergies.diffficulty breathing parkinsons(is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement.) Insomnia & Lifestyle body -how changing your lifestyle could help you overcome insomnia-maybe add some exercises during the day Sometimes insomnia appears in people who do not exercise their bodies and brains enough which will create unneeded energy that will prevent the body from going to sleep Insomnia & The Brain intro-people with insomnia have some trouble with their short term memory People with insomnia seem to have some troubles with accessing some parts of their brain and one of these parts is the part that’s responsible for the short term memory Alcohol Body-reducing your alcohol intake to battle insomnia Alcohol does not keep you awake like caffeine does but it prevents us from going to a deeper level of sleep which will make us wake up in the middle of the sleep Caffeine Body-minimize your caffeine consumption to avoid insomnia Caffeine’s main job is to keep your body and brain working until the last minute Thus drinking caffeine in the morning could help you sleep at night when the caffeine wears off and your body is exhausted Dinking Caffeine at night or near bedtime will keep you awake and prevents your mind from shutting down

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