How would you use the Jungian techniques to facilitate a client’s process of individuation?
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How counsellors operating from a Jungian perspective can help clients work towards the goal of Individuation

According to Gustav Jung (1971) the process or phenomenon of individuation begins with a gradual development of the person which leads to a greater knowledge and sense of the person’s whole being. The concept is not just discovering the unhidden or unconscious; rather it is also integrating this into the client’s personality. The concept or process of individuation can be complex one, and it relates to Jungian interpretation wherein the “hero” progresses on a path in which he/she encounters particular archetypes from which he /she adopts knowledge and learn from, and then incorporates and integrates into his/her personality. It is an on-going and can be quite intensive as individuals have to “come to grips” with who they are before they can lead full, wholesome and less complex lives (Dehing, 1991; Hopke, 1999).

Jung posited, the personal unconscious, comprise of the un-integrated aspects of the individuals’ inaccessible and hard to reach areas. This is where the archetypes, and shadow (repressed aspects) as well as the anima/animus and/or masculine/feminine aspects (that which are opposites of the individuals’ actual and real gender) reside (Hopke, 1999; Jung, 1971). A counselor or therapist using a Jungian perspective can help clients who truly want to learn about themselves and are willing to commit to regular meetings over a period of time. Especially; but not limited to those who are experiencing anxiety, depression and those seeking more fulfillment in life and better more meaningful and satisfying relationships (Dehing, 1991).

That said however; at some point we have all try to find answers to the tough periods and questions in life; and meaning in our lives so we can live happier, simpler, more fulfilled and meaningful and connected lives. A therapist can help clients achieve this utilizing a Jungian perspective and through the process of individuation. The concept of individuation is a central and crucial tenet in Jungian therapy and …

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