HRMN 406 Training Needs Assessment Part 2

Assignment 1 – Task Analysis (10 points)


For this assignment, you will conduct a task analysis, which is part of a needs assessment. In order to do this, you will need to identify one person who is currently employed to interview him/her about his/her job and organization. You can interview someone else or you can use yourself as the subject matter expert (SME). Please provide the name of the person you interviewed and their job title in your report.

Below are more detailed instructions for the task analysis.

Task Analysis

A. Development of Task Statements

Task statements are developed through interviews with subject matter experts. These task statements should reflect activities, not skills or knowledge. Be careful that the statements are neither too broad nor too specific. The statements should be written so that the incumbent is understood to be the subject of the statement (e.g., the pronoun “I” should be implied; “(I) number all card boxes”). Each statement should begin with an action verb that is stated in the present tense. Below are some examples of task statements for the job of personnel analyst.

Job Tasks:

  1. Prepare job descriptions for secretarial jobs.
  2. Check file folders for disposition of medical and dental records.
  3. Initiate requests for identification cards from terminated personnel.
  4. Describe company policies to newly hired employees.

B. Determine Relevant Tasks

This step typically involves surveying a number of SMEs. Because you are only required to interview one SME, you will need to have that person (or yourself if you are the SME) evaluate each task as to its importance. For each task, you will have the SME evaluate how important it is and how frequently it is performed. You will have to create a survey with all of the tasks on it and scales for importance and frequency (there is an example on page 112 in your text). Another example is provided here:
Example: Using the rating scales given below, rate each task as to (a) how frequently you perform it and (b) how important it is for workers in a job like yours to be able to perform this task.

Frequency of Performance
1 = Not performed at all
2 = Seldom
3 = Occasionally
4 = Frequently
5 = Almost all of the time
Importance for Employees
1 = Not Important
2 = Somewhat important
3 = Moderately important
4 = Very important
5 = Extremely important

  Job Tasks   Frequency   Importance
  1. Prepare job descriptions for secretarial jobs. ( ) ( )
  2. Check file folders for disposition of medical and dental records. ( ) ( )
  3. Initiate requests for identification cards from
    terminated personnel. ( ) ( )

C. Develop KSAs

Identify knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable individuals to perform the tasks that you and your SME have developed.

D. Link Relevant KSAs to Tasks

Now you need to determine which KSAs are important for which tasks. You must meet with your SME to identify the KSAs that are required for each task.


After preparing your assignment in Microsoft Word 97 or higher, submit the assignment for this lesson through Locked: Userid/Password Required Blackboard prior to its due date and time. Late submittals will not be accepted.

Note: When naming this assignment file, you must use single-word filenames or insert an underscore between words (ex. Assignment_1). Blackboard will not recognize filenames with spaces, or characters that are not numbers or letters (ex. #, $, %).
Submit your assignment by:

Logging into Locked: Userid/Password Required Blackboard and going to the psyc450-550 course.

Going to the Assignments area.

Choosing the correct assignment.

Going to the Submission area:
bullet Select the Add Attachments button
bullet Select My Computer to navigate to your local drive
bullet Select Browse to locate assignment
bullet Click on the assignment file and select Open to select the assignment
bullet Repeat the Browse and Open steps if you have more than one file to upload
bullet Select OK to upload the assignment

Adding a Comment if you wish.

Choosing the Submit button to submit your assignment.

Referring to this course’s Help Pages for additional assistance.


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