CHOICE 5: Analyze how four movies handle topics of death, dying and bereavementYour analysis should examine themes pertinent to this course that you find expressed in each movie. It is not necessary that the same theme(s) be expressed in each movie although such similarity could give your project clear focus. You need to explain the themes by examining what literature (the course materials and at least two other written sources) has to say about the themes, and you need to examine and assess how well (if at all) the movies present these themes. The form of the analysis should be: 1. A brief synopsis of the movies (3-4 pages) 2. Critical analysis of thanatology themes the films express and how the films express those themes (5-7 pages) 3. Assessment of the value of these movies as vehicles to present ideas important to thanatology (1-2 pages). Give reasons to support your assessment. movies chosen 1. Fault in our stars 2. My sisters keeper 3. P.s. I love you 4. Patriots Day (2017)

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